Responsive Teaching

TLC recognizes that each child is unique, and learning is dynamic. Teachers at TLC are close observers of children who extend, enrich, and attune our curriculum to the interests, strengths, and lived experiences of students.

Arts-Based Learning

All students at TLC participate in arts-based learning through dedicated music, art, and dance classes each week as well as integrated arts experiences in the classroom day to day. Arts-based learning encourages students’ creativity and critical thinking skills, and expands understanding of communication and collaboration — and ensures that all students have opportunities to develop their own unique interests and passions. Read More

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

UDL provides the research-based strategies and tools our teachers need ensure sure all learners can engage with the curriculum to learn and thrive. Our lessons and units of study offer students multiple pathways for acquiring new knowledge, including active learning strategies and options for ways to show what they know.

Optimal Class Sizes

To ensure each child at TLC receives the attention needed to learn and thrive, we offer smaller class sizes and a well-developed team of teachers and instructional support staff in every classroom. Approximately 20-24 students in all grades.

Innovative Use of Technology

At TLC, we integrate technology into our classrooms thoughtfully to enrich student learning and provide the additional support students need to achieve. With 1:1 access to technology for students in all grade level classes and iPads made available for students in Kindergarten and TK, each student has individualized learning opportunities while developing essential “tech literacy” skills for the future.

Socio-Emotional Learning and Communication

Through our school wide TLC C.A.R.E.S. program and classroom collaborations and partner opportunities, students at TLC learn to become responsible, caring, and empathic individuals who show respect for peers and adults at school. In our increasingly connected world, developing skills in listening, communicating, and embracing diversity is crucial — all students at TLC are encouraged to bring kindness, curiosity, and care to their relationships with themselves and others.

“Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need.”- Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid

– Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid