TLC Literacy Program

Personal Attention for Every Learner!

Our school welcomes students of all learning levels, cultures, and backgrounds. Our Reading program is designed to help students build confidence, teach literacy basics, and help students with their reading development. We want to develop passionate readers!

TLC Teaching Techniques

Our reading program is part of the day-to-day classroom. We use differentiated strategies to make sure every learner gets the support they need in the reading journey. Our goal is for our students to develop a passion for reading!

Responsive Teaching

TLC recognizes that each child is unique, and learning is dynamic. Teachers at TLC are close observers of children who extend, enrich, and attune our curriculum to the interests, strengths, and lived experiences of students.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

UDL provides the research-based strategies and tools our teachers need to ensure all learners can engage with the curriculum to learn and thrive. Our lessons and units of study offer students multiple pathways for acquiring new knowledge, including active learning strategies and options for ways to show what they know.

Balanced Literacy

Our approach to comprehension includes the following components:

  1. Independent reading (self-directed reading)
  2. Guided reading (decoding and for early readers)
  3. Word work (phonics/fluency)
  4. Read aloud.

“Everyone is a reader…Some just haven’t found their favorite book yet”

– Unknown

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Every Student is Qualified to Develop Their Reading Skills!

“The more independent at Reading a student is, the more they develop a love of reading, the better prepared they are to identify, develop, and pursue their own interests.”
– Principal Jessica Tunney

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