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Donate & Support TLC

TLC welcomes any and all contributions to our school! Funds raised through donations provide for school-wide enrichments for all students, staff development for excellence in teaching and learning support, scholarships for after school care to support our working families, and more. We invite you to consider donating to TLC.

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TLC C.A.R.E.S. Developing 21st Century Social Skills

$0 of $16,000 raised

Our TLC C.A.R.E.S. (Curious, Accepting, Responsible, Enthusiastic, Safe) initiative emphasizes group problem-solving, a respect for difference, and the importance of friendships and care. Through our school-wide counseling program, students learn about each other and develop an appreciation for each and all.

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Kid's Club After School Care Scholarships

$0 of $16,000 raised

Working families often struggle to find child care options that are both affordable and high quality. Our After School Kids’ Club Program, provided through the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove (BGCGG), has been tailored to meet the needs of students at our school.  

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Arts Enrichment Fund

$0 of $60,000 raised

Arts-based learning experiences are essential and beloved components of the instructional program at TLC. Beyond the joy and inspiration arts instruction provides for students, research demonstrates that arts-based learning encourages students’ critical thinking and creativity, and develops skills in independent, interest-based learning.

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TLC Staff Development Fund

$300 of $50,000 raised

High-quality instruction is essential to the success of any school. Our staff is eager to implement cutting edge, research-based innovative teaching approaches into the classroom, and this fund makes it possible to provide staff with access to the best educational leaders and staff developers in the field.

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Cultural & Community Connections Fund

$0 of $25,000 raised

This fund ensures that our students have opportunities to connect learning at school with our surrounding community and the world. Orange County offers an exciting tapestry of cultural organizations, world class museums, and educational experiences for students.

General Donation

Don’t want to donate to a specific fund? You can always submit a general donation to TLC Public Charter School. Your donation and support is much appreciated!